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COVID-19 Discussion

    This blog is open to questions, tips and general information on how companies around the valley are dealing with HR issues related to the Coronavirus outbreak. Remember to visit the resource page on the SHRM site for more information. 

    Our goal here is to discuss how we are handling things such as telework, FMLA, and other issues as it relates to your company. If you have a question about how others are handling certain situations, you may also do that here. 

    DO ask questions or offer your insights on how you have handled layoffs, telework, illnesses, compensation and other topics related to how companies are affected and any proposed solutions 

    DO NOT use this forum as a place to assign blame, complain about our local, state or federal government, discuss whether too little or too much is being done, or offer your opinions on why we can't find any toilet paper anywhere. Irrelevant comments will be deleted. 

    Most of us are looking to mitigate any damage to our companies at this point and we hope the discussion about relevant HR topics will help. 

    Member Comments

    Email from Dave Basham from USCIS. Dave has spoken to our chapter several times about the I9 and E-Verify procedures. For those employers who are still hiring, he is having two free webinars to review the temporary changes/updates to the requirements due to COVID-19:

    Good afternoon to SHRM leadership in VA,

    I’m Dave, a Sr. Form I-9 and E-Verify SME speaker that works in the very USCIS division, in Washington, D.C., that houses both programs.  Due to COVID-19, I’m being flooded with questions in regards to Form I-9 and E-Verify compliance given the recent announcements released from ICE (Immigration Custom Enforcement), the agency that conducts I-9 audits, and USCIS’s Verification Division where E-Verify has recently extended timeframe for taking action to resolve Tentative Nonconfirmations (TNC).   

    With this said, I will be conducting a pair of one-hour webinars where I will cover the updates, due to COVID-19, to the I-9 and E-Verify.  An invitation to attend will also be extended to SHRM members in NC, SC, TN & WV.   Within the hour I will send each of you a separate invite (one for each date) where you can forward on to your members.  No registration required, simply click on the links provided below or provided in each invite. 

    I understand each of you may not be able, or wish, to attend but your chapter members make like to have this opportunity.  I ask that your forward this email and invites (I will sent w/in the hour) to your members.  The advantage of the invite – once your members accept the invite it will place it on their calendarAgain, no registration needed – simply click on the link below, for the applicable session, about 10-15 minutes prior to the start time.  That’s it!


    Session Highlights:

    • DHS announces flexibility in requirements related to Form I-9 compliance due to COVID-19  
    • E-Verify extends timeframe for taking action to resolve Tentative Nonconfirmations  
    • Any other updates that have been released by the date of each session

    After covering the above items, I’ll cover the following…

    • When must you start using Form I-9’s new version released on Jan 31, 2020
    • What blocks require an entry of N/A is an entry is not made
    • What address go in each address block (this may surprise many attendees)
    • Can a Preparer or Translator also complete Section 2
    • What is the correct way to make a correction on Form I-9 and who can make them
    • Can you use abbreviations
    • How to complete Form I-9 for remote hires
    • Which documents are not to be reverified
    • .....and more

    Again, these webinars are free!  I’ve been a speaker on these topics for 12 years and conducted well over 650 presentations around the country via live and webinar platforms to groups that include HR, Compliance, Payroll and Attorneys.  I’ve attached by bio for your review.  In 2014, ARSHRM State Council awarded me with their ‘Friend of HR’ award.  Feel free to view a host of events where I have been a speaker on either topic and connect with me on LinkedIn        


    Take care – stay safe,




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