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06/2021 Meetings & Events

    October 2011
    Date Event Type
    October 5 to October 7 SHRM Strategy Conference Conference
    October 24 to October 26 SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition Conference
    November 2011
    Date Event Type
    November 8 to November 10 Work-Life Focus 2012 and Beyond Conference
    January 2012
    Date Event Type
    January 24 Corporate Wellness Programs
    February 2012
    Date Event Type
    February 28 Savvy Social Security Planning
    March 2012
    Date Event Type
    March 4 to March 7 Employment Law & Legislative Conference Conference
    March 27 Strategic Workforce Development
    April 2012
    Date Event Type
    April 23 to April 25 2012 Virginia SHRM State Conference Conference
    April 30 to May 2 Talent & Staffing Management Conference & Exposition Conference
    May 2012
    Date Event Type
    May 22 May Meeting Meeting
    June 2012
    Date Event Type
    June 24 to June 27 SHRM 2012 Annual Conference & Exposition Conference
    July 2012
    Date Event Type
    July 24 July Meeting Meeting
    September 2012
    Date Event Type
    September 18 September Monthly Meeting Meeting
    October 2012
    Date Event Type
    October 30 October Monthly Meeting-We are sorry but this meeting has been canceled-Check later for rescheduling Meeting
    November 2012
    Date Event Type
    November 20 CEO Breakfast Meeting
    December 2012
    Date Event Type
    December 11 Holiday Party Meeting
    January 2013
    Date Event Type
    January 22 Forward: What Does an Obama Reelection Mean for Employers in 2013? Meeting
    February 2013
    Date Event Type
    February 26 February meeting: "Yeah, but..." Why The Roanoke Valley Is Different And What To Do About It Meeting
    March 2013
    Date Event Type
    March 26 March RVSHRM Meeting - Twisted Rules for Engaging Your Team in Twisted Times Meeting
    May 2013
    Date Event Type
    May 28 May Meeting: The Culture Journey: Winning Culture Comes Alive Meeting
    June 2013
    Date Event Type
    June 25 June Meeting - National Education Trends:Results Related To Success & Job Placement Meeting
    August 2013
    Date Event Type
    August 27 August Meeting - Preparing for the Affordable Healthcare Act Meeting
    September 2013
    Date Event Type
    September 24 September Meeting - Why Test For Drugs In The Workplace Meeting
    October 2013
    Date Event Type
    October 10 to October 11 HRevolution - Roanoke, VA POSTPONED Conference
    October 29 October Meeting - The New Frontier for HR Professionals Meeting
    November 2013
    Date Event Type
    November 26 November Meeting - Beyond Awareness… Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives Meeting
    December 2013
    Date Event Type
    December 10 December Holiday Event Meeting
    January 2014
    Date Event Type
    January 28 January Monthly Meeting Meeting
    February 2014
    Date Event Type
    February 25 February Monthly Meeting Meeting
    March 2014
    Date Event Type
    March 25 March Meeting Meeting
    March 26 VIP Breakfast Meeting ~ Topic: “Benefit Design in the Post-ACA Environment.” Meeting
    April 2014
    Date Event Type
    April 10 RV-SHRM Spring Social
    April 28 to April 30 2014 VA SHRM Conference Conference
    May 2014
    Date Event Type
    May 21 Career, Lifestyle and Financial Fitness Fair
    May 27 RV-SHRM Monthly Meeting - May Meeting
    June 2014
    Date Event Type
    June 24 General Information for All Monthly Meetings General Information
    June 24 RV-SHRM Monthly Meeting - June - Lunch Meeting Meeting
    July 2014
    Date Event Type
    July 22 General Information for All Monthly Meetings General Information
    July 22 RV-SHRM Monthly Meeting - July - Breakfast Meeting Meeting
    August 2014
    Date Event Type
    August 14 to August 15 HR Evolution Conference - Roanoke, VA Conference
    September 2014
    Date Event Type
    September 9 Charlottesville SHRM Chapter ~ Conference Conference
    September 23 General Information for All Monthly Meetings General Information
    September 23 RV-SHRM Monthly Meeting - September - Breakfast Meeting Meeting
    October 2014
    Date Event Type
    October 28 RV-SHRM Monthly Meeting - October - Breakfast Meeting Meeting
    November 2014
    Date Event Type
    November 25 RV-SHRM Monthly Meeting - November - Lunch Meeting Meeting
    December 2014
    Date Event Type
    December 9 December Holiday Event Meeting
    January 2015
    Date Event Type
    January 27 January Monthly Meeting Meeting
    February 2015
    Date Event Type
    February 24 February Monthly Meeting Meeting
    March 2015
    Date Event Type
    March 9 to March 11 Virginia SHRM State Conference 2015 Conference
    March 24 RVSHRM Spring Social Meeting
    April 2015
    Date Event Type
    April 28 RVSHRM: April Monthly Meeting BREAKFAST (3 hour Workshop) Meeting
    May 2015
    Date Event Type
    May 26 RVSHRM MAY Monthly Meeting - LUNCH Meeting
    June 2015
    Date Event Type
    June 23 RVSHRM JUNE Monthly Meeting LUNCH Meeting
    June 28 to July 1 2015 NATIONAL SHRM CONFERENCE Conference
    July 2015
    Date Event Type
    July 28 RVSHRM JULY Monthly Meeting - LUNCH Meeting
    August 2015
    Date Event Type
    August 27 AUGUST: THURSDAY, 8/27/15- DAVE BASHAM, Homeland Security: 1/2 day workshop Meeting
    September 2015
    Date Event Type
    September 22 RVSHRM SEPTEMBER Monthly Meeting - BREAKFAST Meeting
    October 2015
    Date Event Type
    October 27 RVSHRM OCTOBER Monthly Meeting - LUNCH Meeting
    November 2015
    Date Event Type
    November 24 RVSHRM NOVEMBER Monthly Meeting - BREAKFAST Meeting
    December 2015
    Date Event Type
    December 8 RVSHRM DECEMBER Holiday Social - Paint Day Event Meeting
    January 2016
    Date Event Type
    January 26 January Monthly Meeting Meeting
    February 2016
    Date Event Type
    February 23 February Monthly Meeting: Enhancing Strategic Impact thru Neuroscience Meeting
    March 2016
    Date Event Type
    March 22 March Monthly Meeting: Building a Culture of Excellence Meeting
    April 2016
    Date Event Type
    April 17 to April 20 2016 VA SHRM Conference Conference
    April 27 Spring Career, Lifestyle and Financial Fitness Fair General Information
    May 2016
    Date Event Type
    May 24 May Monthly Meeting: The Currency of Trust Meeting
    June 2016
    Date Event Type
    June 28 June Monthly Meeting: Making the Case for Diversity & Inclusion Meeting
    July 2016
    Date Event Type
    July 26 July Monthly Meeting: LGBT Diversity and Sensitivity in the Workplace Meeting
    August 2016
    Date Event Type
    August 23 August Monthly Meeting: Embezzlement and Other Things That Go Bump in the Night Meeting
    September 2016
    Date Event Type
    September 27 September Monthly Meeting The Challenges of Legalized Marijuana in the Workplace Meeting
    October 2016
    Date Event Type
    October 25 October Monthly Meeting: How to Hold People Accountable Meeting
    November 2016
    Date Event Type
    November 6 to November 8 Seeking HR Presenters: Virginia Recreation & Park Society Conference Conference
    November 22 November Monthly Meeting: How to Lead the Way to Picture Perfect Change Meeting
    December 2016
    Date Event Type
    December 7 December Monthly Meeting: Holiday Social Meeting
    January 2017
    Date Event Type
    January 24 January Monthly Meeting: Live Safe Team from the Roanoke Police Department Meeting
    February 2017
    Date Event Type
    February 28 February Monthly Meeting: Legal Update from Todd Leeson Meeting
    March 2017
    Date Event Type
    March 12 VA SHRM Conference - Cram for the Exam! Conference
    March 28 March Monthly Meeting - State Conference Wrap Up: Attendee Panel Meeting
    April 2017
    Date Event Type
    April 3 to April 20 Webinar: Self-Insurance In A Post-ACA World Webinar
    April 17 RVSHRM Student Chapter Cookout Social Gathering
    May 2017
    Date Event Type
    May 4 to May 6 Basic Mediation Training Seminar/Training
    May 4 May Monthly Meeting - I9 & E-Verify - May 4th Meeting
    May 9 2017 Career & Lifestyle Fair General Information
    May 18 Webinar: Back to Basics Series - COBRA Fundamentals Webinar
    June 2017
    Date Event Type
    June 15 Webinar: Midyear Compliance Update Webinar
    June 27 June Monthly Meeting - Virginia Values Veterans Meeting
    July 2017
    Date Event Type
    July 13 Tech & Toast: 7 Highly Effective Habits of a Successful Recruiting Process General Information
    July 20 Webinar: Introduction to Consumer Driven Plans Webinar
    August 2017
    Date Event Type
    August 17 Webinar: Wellness Program Compliance Webinar
    August 22 August Monthly Meeting - Workers' Compensation Meeting
    September 2017
    Date Event Type
    September 25 Webinar: HIPAA Overview & Training (updated) Webinar
    September 26 September Monthly Meeting - Recruiting In The Digital Age Meeting
    September 29 ATD Valleys of Virginia - Making Your On-line Training Accessible Webinar
    October 2017
    Date Event Type
    October 19 Webinar: Surviving a Department of Labor Audit Webinar
    October 24 October Monthly Meeting - Creative Teams & People Power Meeting
    November 2017
    Date Event Type
    November 3 ATD Meeting: The Be-Know-Do of Leadership;Tested, Proven, Essential Meeting
    November 16 Webinar: Non-Discrimination Requirements Webinar
    December 2017
    Date Event Type
    December 5 December Holiday Social - Hotel Roanoke - 4pm-7pm Social Gathering
    December 21 Webinar: Year End Review and Future Forecast Webinar
    January 2018
    Date Event Type
    January 23 January Monthly Meeting: Legal Update Meeting
    February 2018
    Date Event Type
    February 27 February Monthly Meeting: Benefit Outlook 2018 Meeting
    February 28 Webcast: Maintaining Your SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Credential Webinar
    March 2018
    Date Event Type
    March 15 March Monthly Meeting Meeting
    April 2018
    Date Event Type
    April 22 to April 25 2018 VA SHRM Conference Conference
    May 2018
    Date Event Type
    May 1 2018 Spring Career & Lifestyle Fair General Information
    May 15 How Veterans can be the Ideal Solution to Your Talent Needs Seminar/Training
    May 22 Moving From HR Expert to Strategic Facilitator Seminar/Training
    June 2018
    Date Event Type
    June 26 June Monthly Meeting Meeting
    July 2018
    Date Event Type
    July 26 Managing Safety on Your Way to OSHA Compliance Seminar/Training
    July 31 No July Monthly Meeting Meeting
    August 2018
    Date Event Type
    August 22 Breakthrough Benefits & HR Ideas Seminar/Training
    August 28 August Monthly Meeting - Role of Airports in the Local Economy Meeting
    August 30 Cybersecurity: The Data Privacy Playbook Seminar/Training
    September 2018
    Date Event Type
    September 7 Bet-the-Company Issues in Today's Scrutinized Workforce Seminar/Training
    September 14 ATD Meeting - Successful Project Management: Using PM Skills for Career Success Meeting
    September 25 September Monthly Meeting - Changing Culture to Improve Training Effectiveness Meeting
    October 2018
    Date Event Type
    October 23 October Meeting - Registered Apprenticeship Meeting
    October 25 The Art of Big Data Seminar/Training
    November 2018
    Date Event Type
    November 26 July Meeting - No Meeting This Month Seminar/Training
    November 26 November Meeting - No Meeting This Month Seminar/Training
    November 27 No November Monthly Meeting Meeting
    November 30 ASTD - Successful Onboarding: Best Practices to Integrate New Employees into your Organization Seminar/Training
    December 2018
    Date Event Type
    December 4 December Holiday Social Social Gathering
    December 13 Project Management Essentials Seminar/Training
    January 2019
    Date Event Type
    January 22 January Meeting - Legal Update Seminar/Training
    January 31 Facts & Snacks - Powerful Tools from the Arts: Developing Communication Skills Seminar/Training
    February 2019
    Date Event Type
    February 5 SHRM Certification Course Seminar/Training
    February 14 Facts & Snacks - Improving Your Relationship with Food & Your Body Seminar/Training
    February 22 Opioid Datathon Seminar/Training
    February 26 to February 28 Implementing Lean Seminar/Training
    February 26 February Meeting - How to Design and Implement a Successful Strategic Management Development Initiative Seminar/Training
    February 28 A Collaborative Approach: Junior Achievement & SHRM General Information
    March 2019
    Date Event Type
    March 13 Employment Law Seminar Seminar/Training
    March 19 HR March Madness - Lynchburg Seminar/Training
    March 20 Leadership for Women Seminar/Training
    March 21 HR March Madness - Roanoke Seminar/Training
    March 26 March Meeting - Effective Ways to Use Social Media and Apps in the Workplace Seminar/Training
    March 28 Generations in the Workplace Online Training Webinar
    April 2019
    Date Event Type
    April 5 Project Management Certification Course Seminar/Training
    April 7 to April 10 2019 Virginia SHRM State Conference Conference
    April 16 Virginia Values Veterans Seminar Seminar/Training
    April 23 April - No Meeting This Month Due to State Conference Seminar/Training
    April 25 Facts & Snacks - Common Costly Mistakes to Avoid in your Retirement Planning Seminar/Training
    May 2019
    Date Event Type
    May 17 ATD - Coffee & Connections Meeting
    May 22 HR Departments of One Special Interest Group Virtual Meeting Meeting
    June 2019
    Date Event Type
    June 11 Self-Funding Seminar Seminar/Training
    June 25 June Meeting - Form I-9 and E-Verifty Seminar/Training
    June 26 HR Department of One Special Interest Group Meeting
    June 27 Facts & Snacks - Understanding Artifical Intelligence Seminar/Training
    July 2019
    Date Event Type
    July 23 July Meeting - No Meeting This Month Seminar/Training
    July 25 HR Department of One SIG Meeting Meeting
    July 25 Facts & Snacks - Have I Been Phished? Seminar/Training
    August 2019
    Date Event Type
    August 1 Webinar - Exploring Blockchain Webinar
    August 13 Everything DISC Seminar/Training
    August 23 A Toolkit for 21st Century Leaders Seminar/Training
    August 27 August 1/2 Day Seminar - Strategic Thinking and Business Planning Process At A Glance Seminar/Training
    August 27 Project Management Professional Certification Course Seminar/Training
    September 2019
    Date Event Type
    September 19 Legal Seminar - The Counsel You Keep Seminar/Training
    September 24 September Meeting - Setting New Employees Up for Success and High Retention Seminar/Training
    September 25 Lean Foundations Seminar/Training
    September 26 HR Dept of One - Special Interest Group Meeting Meeting
    September 26 Facts & Snacks - Intentional Networking Seminar/Training
    October 2019
    Date Event Type
    October 3 Becoming a Supervisor - Transform Yourself General Information
    October 7 to October 11 Belonging at Work Summit Seminar/Training
    October 7 Lean 1: Creating a Culture of Innovation Courses General Information
    October 22 October Meeting - Recruiting Outside the Box Seminar/Training
    November 2019
    Date Event Type
    November 26 November Meeting - No Meeting This Month Seminar/Training
    December 2019
    Date Event Type
    December 3 Holiday Social Meeting
    January 2020
    Date Event Type
    January 28 January Meeting - 2020 Form W-4 Meeting
    February 2020
    Date Event Type
    February 25 Beyond the Border: Barriers to Lawful Immigration Meeting
    February 25 SHRM Certification Prep Course Seminar/Training
    March 2020
    Date Event Type
    March 12 March Meeting - Are You Prepared? Gen Z & Sexual Orientation in the Workplace Meeting
    March 19 Employee Benefits Seminar Seminar/Training
    April 2020
    Date Event Type
    April 19 to April 22 HR Virginia 2020 Annual Conference Conference
    April 28 April Meeting- Webinar - COVID-19 Practical Guidance Meeting
    May 2020
    Date Event Type
    May 13 SHRM/CDC Webinar COVID-19 Update Webinar
    May 14 Lynchburg May Virtual Chapter Meeting - Training Effectiveness Webinar
    May 18 U.S. Senator Tim Kaine Answers Your Questions Webinar
    June 2020
    Date Event Type
    June 16 Maximizing on Every Challenge and Opportunity Seminar/Training
    June 18 A Gathering Storm: Weathering the 2020 Virginia Employment Law Amendments Webinar
    June 23 June Meeting - Future of Work: How Remote Coaching With Peers Will Transform the Workplace Webinar
    June 25 HR Department of One - Virtual Meeting - 6/25 @ 8:30am Meeting
    June 25 Virginia Values Act & Hiring Webinar
    July 2020
    Date Event Type
    July 23 HR Department of One - Special Interest Group Meeting Meeting
    July 28 July - No Meeting This Month
    July 29 Emergency Leave and FLSA: Post COVID-19 and Beyond Seminar/Training
    August 2020
    Date Event Type
    August 12 Airtight Writing in Job Descriptions Seminar/Training
    August 17 Virginia's New Emergency Workplace Standards Seminar/Training
    August 20 NRV SHRM - Coffee & Convos Meeting
    August 25 August Meeting - To Be Announced Meeting
    August 27 HR Department of One Signature Interest Group- August meeting Meeting
    September 2020
    Date Event Type
    September 2 Legal Implications of Returning Employees to Work during COVID-19 Seminar/Training
    September 9 Legal Updates Seminar/Training
    September 15 Charlottesvile SHRM 2020 Annual Conference (virtual) Conference
    September 16 to September 18 NCSHRM 2020 Annual Conference (virtual) Conference
    September 16 Focus on Getting Talent Back to Work Seminar/Training
    September 22 September Meeting - To Be Announced Meeting
    September 23 Q&A with Community Representatives, Law Enforcement Services, and Employers Seminar/Training
    September 24 HR Department of One Signature Interest Group- September meeting Meeting
    September 29 Women of the Chamber Webinar: COVID-Strong: Caring for Ourselves During the Pandemic Seminar/Training
    October 2020
    Date Event Type
    October 1 Be a Center of Inclusion Seminar/Training
    October 8 Virginia's New Employment Laws Seminar/Training
    October 15 FMLA, ADA, & More Post COVID-19 Seminar/Training
    October 22 Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Competing Interests Seminar/Training
    October 27 October Meeting - To Be Announced Meeting
    October 29 Legal Update: Federal Case Law & News from the Big 3 Seminar/Training
    November 2020
    Date Event Type
    November 10 Shenandoah Valley SHRM Virtual Leadership Breakfast - 11/10 Meeting
    November 12 November NRV SHRM meeting (virtual) - 11/12 Meeting
    November 24 November - No Meeting This Month
    December 2020
    Date Event Type
    December 15 Women of the Chamber Webinar: 2020: Holiday Stress and a Pandemic Seminar/Training
    December 17 HR Department of One Signature Interest Group- December meeting Meeting
    January 2021
    Date Event Type
    January 12 SHRM Tune in Tuesdays: January Episode Webinar
    February 2021
    Date Event Type
    February 2 What to Expect in 2021/Employment Law Update Meeting
    February 3 SHRM CP/SCP Prep Course General Information
    February 23 February Chapter Meeting Meeting
    February 24 Leadership Webinar: Effective Delegation Webinar
    February 25 HR Dept of One - SIG Meeting Meeting
    February 25 Developing Brave Leaders & Courageous Cultures Webinar
    March 2021
    Date Event Type
    March 8 HRVA Annual Conference 5th Journey Stop Webinar
    March 9 SHRM Tune in Tuesdays: March Episode Webinar
    March 11 Leadership Imperatives: Emotional Intelligence and Compatibility Webinar
    March 23 March Chapter Meeting - VOSH Safety & Health Consultation Meeting
    March 24 to March 25 Lean Conference Webinar
    March 24 Developing Brave Leaders & Courageous Cultures Webinar
    March 24 Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders Webinar
    March 25 HR Dept of One - SIG Meeting
    April 2021
    Date Event Type
    April 6 to April 7 Employment Law and Compliance Virtual Conference Conference
    April 8 Monthly Meeting - Tips and Tricks for Zoom Discussions Webinar
    April 11 to April 14 2021 HR Virginia Annual Conference Conference
    April 13 Tune in Tuesdays Webinar
    April 13 Finding Success as Women Entrepreneurs Webinar
    April 19 to April 21 Workplace Policy Conference Conference
    April 20 2021 Hybrid Legal Conference Conference
    April 21 Leadership Webinar - Ten rules you should break in business Webinar
    April 22 HR Dept of One - SIG Meeting Meeting
    May 2021
    Date Event Type
    May 11 Engaging a Remote Workforce Webinar
    May 11 Wage and Hour - Essential Workers - Essential Protection Presentation Seminar/Training
    May 13 FMLA Compliance Principals Seminar/Training
    May 13 to May 14 OSHA 10-hour Workshop for General Industry Webinar
    May 25 Monthly Chapter Meeting - Legalizing Marijuana: What Does That Mean For the Workplace? Webinar
    May 26 Women Impact Virginia Webinar
    May 26 to May 27 Running Effective Meetings for Solving Difficult Problems Seminar/Training
    May 27 HR Dept of One - SIG Meeting Meeting
    June 2021
    Date Event Type
    June 22 Monthly Meeting - The Generational Advantage
    August 2021
    Date Event Type
    August 24 Monthly Meeting - DEI
    September 2021
    Date Event Type
    September 28 Monthly Meeting - Parting Ways in a Positive Way
    October 2021
    Date Event Type
    October 26 Monthly Meeting
    November 2021
    Date Event Type
    November 17 Women Impact Virginia Series Webinar
    November 25 Women Impact Virginia Series Webinar